3 Things You Need To Know About The Relationship SENSATIONAL Coach - Miss Kes

As a Relationship Coach and Blogger, I have searched over the years for the perfect formula to a successful and healthy relationship and I have realized that the issue is that we search too much and because of this, we miss the real meaning to life which is to love, appreciate and accept people for who they are.

I started a movement formerly known as SpeakYourMind which is now known as Miss Kest o provide the guidance and wisdom I have acquired over the years to assist others the best way I could. Over the years, especially in my late teens, I have watched friends, family and even strangers vent to me their most personal issues and I have watched my intense desire to assist. I discovered in my early 20’s that this was exactly what I was called to do and this was who God designed me to be.

Here are 3 things you need to know about Miss Kes.


1) I Do Not Have A Perfect Life!

I usually laugh at the comments made towards me as persons often judge me and my life based on the material I provide via social media. I am however a normal young adult who is just as you are. I do what I do because I desire to be a change.

2) I have made some serious mistakes!

Believe it or not I have made some mistakes that even cost me. Naturally I am a kind-hearted person and I must admit sometimes I wish I wasn’t because I have been used so many times. 1 thing I have learnt from my mistakes is this- BE HUMBLE. Never think you are wise and you are too “smart” to have slip-ups.

3) My knowledge came about from unfortunate events and experiences!

I realized that in order to be wise, you must spend your time wisely. Unfortunately, I didn’t as most of the people I hang around needed me but couldn’t give the supplements I need to grow into the woman I needed to be. I had some very painful experiences growing up and that forced me to get wise. I basically observed as a child my environment and took notes.

Miss Kes desires to see love and to see it in its true colours. My ultimate goal is to give truly of my passion which is to motivate others to be the BEST self they can be.

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