Tainted Witness

Written by: Brandi Marsh, Chief Executive Officer Ebony and Pink Pearls

Have You Ever Felt like You Tainted Your Witness for Christ?

Allow me to translate; simply put, you had an opportunity to take stand for Christ; and shamefully you do not.  As you read this blog, I hope my story resonates with you as a faithful believer yourself. One that is equally striving to please God with your life, never compromising your faith or tainting your witness!  As followers of Christ, I believe it is our duty as His “disciples” to represent Christ well.   Let me be clear, I am not saying you need be the perfect Christian! (Most of His disciples didn’t get it right). But, I am saying, as Christ followers He already set the STANDARD in his word of how we are to represent Him. In the book of Matthew 6: 13-14, He says, we are to be Salt and Light!   As His witnesses we are never suppose to just “blend in” with the crowd or fit in with the status quo.  However, in actuality, like seasoning salt, we should be STANDING OUT!

Living the Authentic Life

What does it mean to live the Authentic Life? Rather than give you the proverbial response; I thought it would be most fitting to tell you about this one particular evening, I missed the powerful opportunity to be a Witness for Christ; instead I TAINTED MY WITNESS! – Authenticity, epic fail! - So, here is how everything went down: 

It was on Friday night, I had small gathering at my home; all of my family friends were hanging out enjoying themselves.   Instead of Taco Tuesday, we designated this night as Taco Friday. The taco fixings were absolutely amazing (chips, salsa, guacamole dip, fish and beef tacos).   The house was full of laugher and music.  Everyone was just having a great time, enjoying each other’s company; congregating in small corners to chit, chat having you know, “girl talk”.  Amongst all the excitement and music some of the ladies and I decided to play the popular card game “SPADES.  Prior to starting the game, one of the ladies at the card table proceeded to ask me so nonchalantly, “What is your sign.” At that moment, I knew exactly what she meant.  I replied back saying “Aquarius.” Now to some of you reading this, might be thinking, “what’s the big deal with that”; and my response would be EVERYTHING about my response in the moment was wrong! – In the book of Leviticus 19:31, “do not turn to mediums or seek out spirits for you will be defiled by them. I am Lord your God.”  By saying “I am a Aquarius at that moment, I stood with the alliance that contrary to what my bible taught me! So the questions is – Why didn’t I stand for Christ in that moment?” And be authentic……

Be Authentic!

Many social circles would define; being authentic is one who professes that he/she is KEEPING IT REAL.    The dictionary defines, “being authentic is when one’s words and actions are noticeable congruent with one’s values and beliefs.”  And on that Friday day night my words and actions totally abandoned my values and beliefs? Authenticity from a biblical worldview is to be BOLD, COURAGEOUS AND UNASHAMED in your faith as a witness for Christ!  (So, again what happed to the big bad and bold Brandi on the night in question)?   Instead of being bold, I played it safe, why?  I believe I was afraid of the ridicule or judgement I may have received if I would of just boldly said “actually I do not believe in following the horoscopes” But in FEAR of the backlash; instead of being bold and courageous, I became cowardly in that moment. 

One may ask, as a Christians “why are we called witnesses” and secondly; “what is a witness?” If I had to explain it the most simplistic way, a witness is someone that will speak on behalf of another who is sharing information to an individual or group, evidence he/she may have knowledge about in order to support let’s say a court case.  What makes a witnesses statements so significant is how compelling and or convincing he/she presents the evidence to the one listening.   And it is through the witnesses’ delivery one may be swayed to believe that he/she is reliable or unreliable source. 

As believers, we are called witnesses because as we present ourselves to the world; it is how we live our life that will sway others to believe in Christ. And as they watch how we live, the less we compromise in our walk the more a reliable/credible we become for unbelievers to believe in Christ for themselves.  So, for the last and final time; “What happened to my witness on the Taco Night.  As a Christ follower, in order to be Authentic, I needed to be unapologetically truthful. And when I had the opportunity to be a witness; this was my chance to plant a seed in that young ladies heart. And that night I missed it.  I would say there were two main things that occurred when the “What Sign Are You?” question was asked. Which I believe happens to all of us as believers as witnessed for Christ when we compromise our walk rather than STAND FOR CHRIST.

 1. We comprise our integrity to please others; when I denied my truth, compromising my integrity is exactly what I did.

2. We operate in fear of the truth to avoid wrathful judgment. Afraid if I just spoke my truth, she would not like my response and potentially be “persecuted” for NOT conforming! 

Once the night was over, I kept mulling over her question in my mind, God’ convicted my spirit that my witness is not to just say I am Christian.  And, it’s definitely not to make everyone feel good. And to understand as a believer my walk may offend, if my truth shines a light on their unrighteous lifestyle. And we I hid my light, I am opening the door to TAINT my witness rather than use the unconformable situation to STAND for CHRIST and share my FAITH,  So, if I had the opportunity to get that night all over again, I would say BOLDLY, sorry I don’t believe in signs, the only sign I believe in that will leads and guides me to TRUTH is the CROSS PERIOD! 


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Written by: Brandi Marsh, Chief Executive Officer Ebony and Pink Pearls. You can connect with Brandi on Instagram at @ebonyandpinkpearls or on the web at www.majacblog.com