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Pursue your passion and fulfill your purpose;

Live intentionally.

-inTENtional U, LLC
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Meet Ashleigh


As a Licensed Professional Counselor I have a deep passion and need to empower individuals to solve a problem, develop a sense of accomplishment and create a better quality of life. inTENtional U was created to show others how to be their best self.

By combining my passions for career development, cultivating healthy relationships and living authentically, inTENtional U was designed to coach others how to discover their passions, how to fulfill their God-given purpose and how to live the most intentional life they can. 

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Through one-on-one coaching, group trainings, e-courses, and speaking engagements I will work with you to achieve your goals and help you develop into your best you!

  • If you're ready to break through barriers to reach your next level
  • If you want focus on discovering your purpose and pursuing your passion
  • If your faith and personal growth are two things you value and know are key components for success
  • If you want to advance in you career and need strategies to become upwardly mobile

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