Hello, I'm Ashleigh Maynor, MA, LPC,NCC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor I have a passion for helping other individuals find clarity in their life, relationships and career in order to live their best life.

You may be asking yourself what it means to live intentionally.

So many people go through life just existing and not truly living. They settle for the mediocre job, and routine relationships because they haven’t found "that thing" in life that gives them the spark they need to be fulfilled. You know... that thing called passion! To live with intention means that although you may not be 100% sure what God has planned for your life, you’re still being active in harnessing what you’re passionate about and you’re using your unique gifts to live out your purpose – doing what God intended to use you for.

 My framework is grounded in my professional training and experience in Career Counseling and Couples & Family Counseling. It is complemented by my personal experiences in my relationships, discovering my own professional success and career path, along with my spirituality and my faith in God. I know that God has uniquely made all of us for something greater.

My hope is to guide you to new heights that will allow you to walk in your GREATNESS!

I like to think that my background in counseling provides a unique advantage when working with me. Although this is not therapy and I am not your counselor, you will benefit from my ability to bring all of my counseling techniques to the coaching process. My deeper understanding of people and dynamics of change allows for personal growth to take place in all areas of your life. Career, family, friends, fun, spiritual growth, love life and more are all areas where you have the potential to find balance and purpose through coaching.

My goal is to assist you in bringing focus and clarity to your professional and personal life so that you can truly live out each day with intention the way you were purposed to.

Let's Work Together!

Congrats! You’ve taken the first step in becoming more intentional! As your coach I will work with you to attain the following things:




The steps to actualize your strategy and become a more intentional you